Read the full page for your details.  

1. Don't be late!

Please be respectful and arrive at your fitting time. This means that you should be on location and checked in by your fitting time. Production has a strict schedule to maintain. If you are running late or cannot make your fitting/work date, please call 504-684-2550, immediately. Do NOT email or text your questions or concerns. Please call so that a live person can assist you in a timely fashion!

2. Bring Important Documents!

You must bring non-expired government issued identification with you so you can fill out your payment voucher on set. 

A. Declaration of Residence: If you live in the state of Louisiana, we will also need you to bring Louisiana residency documentation. This is very important, because it’s what keeps productions filming here in Louisiana. Please fill out this form completely! For question #3, include your driver's license/state ID number AND your registering parish!

You must bring 2 forms of residency documentation! Please bring a copy of your valid driver’s license or state ID AND a copy of your Louisiana voter ID or registration card.

If you cannot find your voter registration, you can pre-print it online ( you can bring a copy of last year’s tax return that shows your name and your Louisiana address. Please do the best you can to bring those documents with you. If you cannot find these documents or if you do not live in Louisiana, you should still go to set; you are still able to work.

Be sure to complete the entire "Tax Info" box on your payment voucher. 

B. I-9 Identification: If you are NOT registered with Central Casting, you will have to fill out an I-9 on set to verify your eligibility to work. You need to bring valid I-9 identification from the list of acceptable documents. Please bring one document from List AOR a combination of one document from List B** AND one document from List C

3. Strict Anti-Piracy & Confidentiality Policies will be enforced!

Phones, Cameras, and/or Recording Devices WILL NOT be allowed on set or at the production office! Do not share anything that you learn at your fitting or on set with anyone outside of the fitting or set, this includes social media!

4. Please treat this job like any other job!

Please act professionally. Please listen, be attentive, and quiet when instructed. If you have an emergency or any questions about our booking, PLEASE CALL 504-684-2550 immediately! We have staff available 24 hours a day to assist you. Do not hesitate to call at any time! Please leave a message if you do not get an immediate answer. Someone will return your call.

5. Next Steps

You are officially booked to work the on Troupe Zero! We will text or email you the evening before your work date with filming instructions (call time, wardrobe, and parking location). If are now no longer available to make the work date, PLEASE CALL 504-684-2550 immediately!

Wardrobe Notes

Please keep in mind that this is a period piece set in the 1970s: unnatural hair color, ultra-modern hairstyles and visible tattoos will NOT be considered!

  • MEN: Please arrive wearing clean and appropriate underwear! Please wear a U-tank top and fitted briefs (NO baggy underwear or boxers) and clean socks! Please bring any 70s appropriate wardrobe you own (shoes, pants, shirts, accessories)!

  • WOMEN: Please arrive wearing clean and appropriate underwear! Please wear a Tank Top/Undershirt, a slip (if you have one), and a T-shirt bra or a bra that does not add a cup size or too much lift (NO push-up bras)! Please bring simple accessories: hoop or stud earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Please bring any 70s appropriate wardrobe you own (shoes, pants, shirts, accessories)!

  • GIRLS: Please arrive wearing clean and appropriate underwear! Please bring plain, white cotton socks (knee or ankle) and old saddle shoes, keds, Mary Janes, Saddle Oxfords, or any shoe that could pass for 60s or 70s!

Hair and Makeup Notes

A representative from the Hair department will be at the fitting to go over, in detail, how to style your hair for filming.

Men: Do NOT shave! NO STYLIZED beards, mustaches, or sideburns!  If the Hair department says you need a hair trim, please follow their instruction. If you are told that you need a haircut at your fitting or on set but you refuse one, you will not be able to work! If you get a haircut, you should get a $15 haircut bump on your voucher. Please double check your voucher to make sure you are compensated properly.

WOMEN: Your nails should be plain (clean and short - for safety)! NO ACRYLICS. NO TRENDY NAIL POLISH! NO VISIBLE TATTOOS! NO EXTRA PIERCINGS! Please arrive with clean skin!


Parking Location

Please report to the Production Office: Do NOT park in reserved spaces!

5401 Jefferson Hwy, Suite C  
Harahan, LA 70123

(PLEASE NOTE: Some maps/GPS devices might recognize New Orleans as the city!)

Please only park in non-reserved parking spaces. Enter through the Elmwood Park Blvd. side of the building. You will check in with HAILEY.






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