What’s new?

  • Central Casting is now using SMS text messages to check availability with background actors. The message format will look like this:


Ok, I responded what’s next?

  • Our casting directors will review the responses and then reach out to any background actor selected to be booked. If you are not selected, you may not hear from anyone. As always, you know you are booked when you receive your details.


I am available, but what do you mean by "without restrictions"?

  • When a casting director asks if you are available without restrictions, they want to know if you are available to work the whole day, even if the location or time were to change. For example, if you know you are not available between 1pm and 2pm, you would answer: No.


I was on set and didn’t see the message until later, can I still respond?

  • Yes, please respond as soon as you can.


Did you get my message?

  • When we receive your message, we send you a quick confirmation text message, like the following:
    1.  “[Your Name], Your “YES” response has been received. Thank you. Remember, you are not booked unless you receive your details.”
    2.  “[Your Name], Your “NO” response has been received. Thank you."
    3.  “[Your Name], Please respond only Yes or No."
    4.  “[Your Name], Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions for this role.”
    • If you didn’t receive one of the above confirmation responses, please send your response again.


I haven't heard back, now what?

  • If you don’t hear back from a casting director with booking details, you are not booked. However, given the volume of roles they are booking, please be patient as it may take them some time to respond.


Can I change my response?

  • Yes, simply reply to the original message with either a yes or no response. Please note, after you have received your details and are booked, you must follow the appropriate process if you need to cancel.


I've received multiple requests.  Should I reply to all of them?

  • Yes, please respond to each request you receive. If a casting director calls you to book you for a specific role, please let them know about any other messages you have received from Central Casting to work the same day.


What are the role details?

  • Role details are not currently communicated via SMS text message and will be provided as necessary by a member of the casting team.


Am I booked?

  • You are not booked unless you receive details.


I replied Yes, but I never got any details.  When will I hear back?

  • Thank you for your response. Sending a “Yes” response tells the casting directors that you are interested and available to work, but does not guarantee that you will be booked. Depending on the casting volume, you may not hear back.


I don't recognize this number, is it you?

  • Central Casting will use a variety of numbers to reach you. We will personalize the message with your name (as it exists in our system) so that you know the message came from us.


I called the number and got no answer?

  • Unfortunately, our texting numbers are only formatted to send outbound text messages and receive a Yes or No response.


Why can't I respond with something other than Yes or No?

  • In order for our system to read your response and provide it to the casting directors, we need to limit the text to only Yes or No.


What if I am only available part of the day?

  • Casting directors sometimes don’t receive call times until the last minute, so we are asking you if you are available for the full day. If you are only available for part of the day, please reply No.


Do you text throughout all of the USA and in all offices?

  • The SMS capability is new and will be rolled out in phases across the different offices and casting projects. In time we expect all offices to make the most of this capability for your convenience.


Can I get text messages in a language other than English?

  • No, the messages are only in English.


I responded but didn't get any confirmation, what should I do?

  • Please send your response again.


I'm not registered with you, why am I getting these texts?

  • We are sorry for the inconvenience. Most likely your mobile number was previously owned by someone registered with us, or provided to us inadvertently.


Can I opt out?

  • As an employee of Central Casting you provided your mobile number to us so that we can contact you about jobs for which you would be a potential match. However, if you no longer want us to reach out to you via text message, please visit Central Casting and request that your number no longer be used for text messaging.