General Notes

Please remember this is a job. You are expected to be on set at your given call time. If you must cancel due to an emergency, you must call 404-920-8011. Our office is open 24 hours a day. It is never too early or too late to call with questions or to relay important information to us.

Read through the following guidelines to ensure you have a successful day on set. Being professional and prepared will increase your chance to be asked back and recommended for other background work. 

1. Don't be late

Please add at least an additional 30 minutes to your travel time to account for parking and check-in. Be prepared for Atlanta's heavy traffic. Wardrobe, hair, and makeup depend on you being on time. Please be respectful and show up early. You can be sent home without pay if you are not checked in by your call time.

2. Days are long

Be prepared for filming to take anywhere from 6-12 (or more) hours. Please bring something to keep you occupied while you are not filming. We also recommend bringing your own snacks with you to set. Craft service's food will be minimal.

3. Pay attention

Always be actively paying attention to what is happening on set. Part of being a good Background Actor is knowing what is going on.

4. Don't talk on set

It is important to be quiet on set to allow the crew to work and so you know what's going on. When the director yells "rolling" that is your cue to be silent and focus on being in the scene. Please be respectful to the cast and crew. Do not speak to a cast member unless they speak to you first. 

5. Don't sleep on set

We know call times can be early and days are long, but it's important to be alert and vigilant on set. You may be able to take a quick nap in holding between shots. 

6. Bring a pen

You will need a pen to fill out your voucher to ensure you get paid. 

7. Closed set

This is a closed set. Only come to set if you are booked or are accompanying a minor or elder. You are not allowed to have visitors while on set.

Booking Details

Filming is rain or shine.

Call Time: Please call 470-705-2925 to obtain your call time. 

This line will list your call time by the category given to you in your text message and will always be updated with call time changes. It is common for call times to change and for notes to be added to your details. Please be sure to call the call time change number before you go to sleep, when you wake up, and before you leave for set to make sure you have the most accurate and up to date information for your booking. 

Hair and Makeup Notes

Please arrive to set camera ready, with your hair done and make-up already applied. No extreme looks or styles.  This is a nice small town look and feel.  If you are wearing a hat,  please make sure your hair is presentable underneath in case production wants you to remove it. 

PARAMEDICS: Please come clean cut and clean shaven.

NO VISIBLE TATTOOS!  If you have small tattoos, please make sure they are covered up with make-up. Keep in mind this is filming during the Summer so you will most likely be in short sleeves and your legs may be showing.  If you have tattoos, you will be required to wear long sleeves and long pants to cover them, which may not be comfortable in the heat.  The Make-up department does not have time to cover your tattoos, so in some cases, if they are not sufficiently covered, you may not be able to stay and work. 


Wardrobe Notes

This movie is set in a nice small town environment.  All wardrobe should be nice, and pressed, and clean.  No holes or dirty clothes, unless required for your category. 



No Stark White shirts.

Comfortable Shoes are a plus, no open toe shoes, or super high heels!!

Please ALWAYS bring plenty of back up choices and options, which should all be neat and pressed and clean.

If you went to a fitting, please dress as per your fitting.

Background should bring the following items to set on Tuesday:


Please bring black shoes or boots, white crew neck t-shirt. Your uniform will be provided by production.  

Location - Monroe, Georgia

REPORT TO CREW PARKING: 195 N. Cherokee Rd. Social Circle, GA 30025

Look for yellow directional signs that say "KIKI" and follow them to Crew Parking or Extras Parking. 

Check in at Basecamp with your BG PA Mary or AD contact.

Google map tonight to get an idea of where you are going in the morning. Look for the yellow directional signs marked "KIKI" and park as directed. Please park and check in at Basecamp.