Business Woman

Skirt suits, pant suits, dress suits not super fitted, blouses or dress shirts, shells and sweaters, heels that you can walk in, if you have nicer flats or lower heels that's fine to bring, tights/stockings.


Pleated pants, skirt suits, dress suits, blouses, darker colored dresses long sleeve, low heel heels or pumps you can walk in. (boots with a heel are okay if wearing pants), simple jewelry, tights/stockings.

Business Men

Colors: navy, charcoal grey, pinstripe NO BLACK or TANS: suits, double breasted or single breasted, dress shirts, solid or stripe, no pinks, dress shoes and ties, pocket squares, suspenders if you have the buttons on the pants, black dress socks, white crew neck t-shirts.

Eli’s PA

Pleated khaki pants, suit dress pants, nice shoes brown or black, dress shoes or nicer casual, dress shirts, belt.

Police Officers

Please bring black socks. Costumes will provide uniform.


Colors: olive, taupe, grey, charcoal, green suits, dress shirts, plain and stripe or check, suspenders, ties, belts, dress shoes.


Sweatpants, t-shirts, oversized shirts, 501 jeans run down, sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, anything slightly aged or dirty, flannels.


Oversized shirts pleated pants, sweaters, light jackets, 501 jeans, sneakers, shoes that go with your pants.

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