Tiki Bar Patrons

Tiki Bar Patrons should be very youthful and hip looking. Not clubby but more of a hip hanging out at a bar outfits. Nothing too bright or flashy, rich jewel tones, think NY (NOT LA). Jeans, and cool trendy pants. Sneakers, boots. Tee shirts, chambray shirts, Leather, denim/jean, army and cloth jackets. Light weight fashion scarves, hipster hats and beanies. Girls in cute dresses and skirts, lights coats and trenches. And don't forget cute accessories. 

Everyone should bring multiple layering items.

30% should be more business crowd and after work outfits.

70% should be dressed really hip, young, cute.

*non-union folks please bring both looks so you’re prepared if they change you to the other look

Tiki Bar Staff

The tiki staff should all bring jeans and dark sneakers. (No white)

We will supply asst Hawaiian shirts.

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurant should be a cross mix of NY life and people. Most should be dressed casual with very normal everyday clothes. Early fall in New York. So LIGHTWEIGHT jackets are ok.

Restaurant Staff

Staff at the restaurant should wear black pants and shoes, black sneakers are ok.

We will supply red uniform tees and aprons.

***All images are for reference purposes only