For the Goldbriar Factory BG

The IBEW Labor, Shriners, City Council, VFW Veterans

You are all matching what you wore when you worked at the airport. You should bring that change tomorrow even if production didn't use you in the scene.

If you were on camera, find yourself in the photos below and match your wardrobe from this day.

*click images to enlarge

Pied Piper Coders

It's a new day. Please bring 2-3 outfits to choose from that are new. Same coder verbage.


Please bring 2-3 options of what you would wear to a rally in North Carolina, it's a working class town. There should be all types, factory workers, career people, hunting/camping look, and casual everyday clothing.

You should all have a light layer of some sort with you since it will be an exterior, lightweight jacket, hoodies, etc. If you have non-discript hats you can bring those as well. Ladies should have some type of purse to potentially use.

If you have tattoos they need to be covered. No large logos.

***All images are for reference purposes only