The ESOP Announcement Party is May 12th. We look forward to having our teams together in Los Angeles!

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Open Call Flyers

Request a flyer, handout or web post for an upcoming open call, submission request or other announcements.

Website Bios

Request a new or update your current bio/photo on the Central Casting website. To see the current status or examples, go here: Central Casting Team

Wardrobe Blogs

Request a unique page link with detailed instructions for talent from costume, hair & makeup or other production. This page can include visuals and instructions for an upcoming job. This will be a private link and not posted to the public. See an example here: Wardrobe Blog

Casting Director Spotlights

Submit your info we need to create a unique Casting Director Spotlight feature about yourself that will be played on the office lobby screens as well as on our social media channels. See examples below on this page.

Social Media

Any interesting news about a show or background you have cast? Have you seen any mention of Central Casting in the media? Do you have a cool picture or post we can share to social media?

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Job Posts

If you need help in posting for an open position, we can help. Fill out the info below and we can post to LinkedIn, our webpage and social media if necessary.

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For an additional or unique request for the media team, fill out the info below and we will get back to you.

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