Female Oscar Attendees - 4/10

Please bring 1930's style evening jewelry with you. See photos below and please look up 1930's jewelry for inspiration. 

1930's Hair

Tips for rolling hair in preparation for 1930's hairstyle:

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a 1930s short hair look. This is a wet-set using foam rollers. Products and tools for this tutorial...

*You will need: Sponge/Foam Rollers (usually pink - no larger than 1 1/4" in diameter),
water bottle, liquid setting lotion of choice (optional)
1.) Start with clean, dry hair.
2.) Brush hair completely to remove any knots.
3.) Part hair and section for more control (side part: use arch of eyebrow for guideline or
middle part: use nose for guideline)
4.) A light application of setting lotion can be pre-applied all over or you can add product
to each section to be rolled.
5.) Start in the front. Section should not be bigger than the width of the roller (this will
prevent the hair from falling over the sides and not setting properly)
6.) Brush each section before rolling. Place the roller in the middle of the hair strand. Roll
the section of hair below the roller first (paying extra attention to the ends) follow by
rolling all the way to the scalp.
Note: Make each section of hair is flat (like a ribbon) and not twisted when rolling.
7.) Use above diagram as a guideline for roller placement.
8.) Give the hair ample time to dry. If hair is still damp when rollers are removed the hair
will not hold the curl. It's recommended that the hair is set the day or night before.

***All images are for reference purposes only