Everyone should arrive in clean undergarments and bring along any support garments that you may want. 

If you’ve been prefit please bring back anything Costumes asked you to. 

If you have not been to a fitting yet and you have any clothing that can pass for 1974 without being comical, feel free to bring it along with you, they will have options for you on set as well.


All women should arrive with some sort of curl to your hair, whether it be by hot rollers, rollers, pin curls, etc. 


The Make-Up Department is asking for everyone to come to set make-up ready. This season takes place in 1974, in the U.S. We would like you to do your best 1974 look for us, and thank you SO much for your help!!

Please bring your make-up with you and be prepared to change it per our request as well as touch up your make-up throughout the day.

Also, please understand that we MUST have period appropriate looks, so we VERY MUCH appreciate your co-operation w/ the Make-Up Dept Artists!


  • We are looking for BIG natural beards, sideburns, and mustaches!
  • This must be natural growth and not "trimmed" or "lined" at all. We will be featuring those with proper facial hair for the period.
  • NO “Lined” facial hair.
  • Sideburns were much longer in the 70s and goatees were not as prevalent. We may ask to change your goatee to a mustache.
  • The GOLDEN RULE- ABSOLUTELY NO tattoos or piercings (if you have any that would show please tell one of the makeup artists)!


1974 make-up was fresh, naturally dewy and very SOFT looking. Sorry for the long list below but thank you SO much for helping us!

  • Sheer Foundation is fine but not necessary. Please do NOT use heavy powder OR heavy foundation!
  • Positively NO contouring or highlighting.
  • The 70s were more dewy than matte, so no heavy powder please! We may ask you to apply a very light dusting of powder on your t-zone only if necessary if you are very oily. We are going for a more “natural skin/ dewy” look for everyone including the principles.
  • Brows were very thin and rounded.
  • Mascara and eyeliner are great, as well as SOFT, pretty eye shadow if you usually wear it; shimmers, frosts or natural matte colors in browns, pinks, peaches, bronze, light blues, light greens, or light lavender are acceptable. NO glitter please!
  • NO BLACK eyeliner and no lined inner rims (waterline).
  • Eyeliner must be soft pencil only. NO liquid or gel liners and NO “winged” liner! (They didn’t heavily “smoke” their eyeliner either).
  • Please no false lashes.
  • Lip gloss is a YES -in colors of pink, peach, rose and browns- frost and non-frost are both great. Also plain clear gloss.
  • Lipstick is a Yes -in colors mentioned above. Please NO REDS at all!
  • Blush in natural tones (peaches, pinks) applied on the apples of the cheek and light shimmer bronzer (NOT contour) are great.
  • NO sculpted nails, NO French manicures or gel nail polish. Natural nails are great or regular polish in frost or matte in the following colors: light pink, peach, or mauve; or bronze, or nude frost colors. NO glitter. NO dark colors.
  • NO square nails. Nails must be rounded if long. Please remove square sculpted nails and gels before coming to set; it will be much more comfortable for you than if we have to do it. ;)
  • NO BRIGHT COLORS of Lips, Blush or Eye Shadow
  • And the GOLDEN RULE- ABSOLUTELY NO tattoos or facial piercings (if you have any that would show, please tell one of the makeup artists)!

Ladies, please make sure to bring your lipstick, gloss with you to set and a tiny amount of blot powder if you are oily.

***All images for reference purposes only