FRAT HOUSE -  RAGER (party goers/pill popping girls/guy doing crunches)

Please bring, shorts, tank top, jeans henleys, tank dresses, strapless tops, distress jeans, collar shirts, muscle shirts, sneakers, boots, wedges, slides, hats, fun jewelries, cross body bags and hair ornaments. PLEASE NO LOGOS. (photos below)

CAMPUS PUB/College Campus (pub patrons / students)

Please bring henleys, polo shirts, t shirts, button down shirts, blouses, dresses, shorts, jeans, casual attire, swag look, preppie, bohemian and grunge. 



Please bring dark jeans and sneakers.



Please bring dark jeans, denim shorts, denim skirts and black or dark sneakers with no logos.



Please bring office attire..Blouses, skirts, pants, blazers, dresses, collared shirts, khaki, dressy shoes and ties

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