Ladies please come in the "normal, natural" Goldbergs make up with NO bright lips or eyeshadows. The make up artists the show has hired will be creating the Cyndi Lauper looks.

The guys can be clean shaven, or have a little stubble, just nothing too modern or stylized. If you were told you were an Albano with beard, please be prepared for them to affix the facial hair to you when you arrive to set.


The look is classic Cyndi Lauper 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'. Ladies should be less Madonna and more Vintage Inspired or Asian prints with layers and accessories. Lots of bright colors, 50's dresses with crinolines and tulle layers, bustiers and corsets, wide belts, lace gloves, fishnets, ankle boots with kitten heels, and lots of layered accessories, big bangles, beaded necklaces and big earrings.


Lou Albano's signature look is the Hawaiian shirt. For the guys Hawaiian shirts, slacks or acid washed/faded denim jeans, and sneakers or dress shoes.

***All images are for reference purposes only