Read the full page for your details.  

1. Don't be late

Please be respectful and show up at your call time. Production has a strict schedule to maintain. If you cannot make your call time, please call 504-684-2550, immediately.

2. Call Time (Your "call time" is the time that you should be on location and checked in)

Your call time is 7:30 AM!

Any updated filming details (such as call times, locations, and wardrobe instructions) will be recorded on change line: 504-215-8332.

REMINDER: It is YOUR responsibility to check this change line several times before heading to set to make sure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information (this means checking it before bed, upon waking up, and again before heading to set).


WHAT TO EXPECT: Report to the Wardrobe Department: O'Connor building in Stage 2 to get your on-camera attire. Once you are wearing your on camera attire, you will report to Stage 6 for the dress rehearsal. Please arrive clean shaven and remove any piercings (if you have any).

WARDROBE: Please wear an undershirt, socks and proper undergarments.


Please report to Celtic Studios — Park in the parking lot. Parking is free.

10000 Celtic Drive,
Baton Rouge, LA  70809

Once parked, please report to the O'Connor Building in Stage 2 and check in with the Costume Representative - Hope.