Read the full page for your details.  

1. Don't be late

Please be respectful and show up at your call time. Production has a strict schedule to maintain. Since you have an important background role, the production needs enough time to get you trained!

If you cannot make your call time, please call 504-684-2550, immediately.

2. Call Time (Your "call time" is the time that you should be on location and checked in)

Please report at 8:00 AM!


WHAT TO EXPECT: You will meet with the 2nd AD, Kevin, and begin boot-camp for the day. Please expect to be at boot-camp for a full day, at least 12 hours. 

WARDROBE: Please arrive clean shaven and remove any piercings. Please wear rubber soled shoes, a chambray shirt or denim shirt and jeans. If you do not have a chambray or denim shirt, please wear a dark blue or light blue solid colored shirt. Just in case, please bring PT (physical training) clothing and shoes: options that you feel comfortable exercising in. 

NEXT STEPS: Filming is from March 5 - April 21st. At this point, we do not know which day(s) you are working. Once we get your filming date(s) from production, we will reach out to you and let you know. 


Please report to the USS KIDD — Park in the parking lot.

305 South River Road,
Baton Rouge, LA  70802

You will check in with either the BG PA - Wes or the 2nd AD - Kevin.