Read the full page for your details.  

1. Don't be late

Please be respectful and show up at your call time. Production has a strict schedule to maintain. Since you are interviewing with the Director, first impressions are important! 

If you cannot make your call time, please call 504-684-2550, immediately.

2. Call Time (Your "call time" is the time that you should be on location and checked in)

ALL Interviewees: 1:00 PM CALL TIME

REMINDER: These call times are preliminary! Due to changes in production schedules, your call time may need to be adjusted. It is YOUR responsibility to check the change line several times before your call time to make sure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information (this means checking it before bed, upon waking up, and again before heading to set).

CHANGE LINE: Any updated filming details (such as call times, locations, and wardrobe instructions) will be recorded on 504-215-8326.


WHAT TO EXPECT: You will meet with the Director, John Daly, 1st AD, Anthony and 2nd AD, Topher. They want to meet you and see if you are a good match for the role. They will likely be talking you through the scene to see how you will react on camera and with the atmosphere. Find the character you are interviewing for below to get an idea of what you'll be reacting to. *THE INFORMATION YOU ARE LEARNING ABOUT THE STORY IS CONFIDENTIAL!*

WARDROBE: This is an interview so wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. Just remember, you are meeting with production so your outfit should be casual, yet put together. Women: Please arrive with natural looking makeup. 

Jeweler: You are a high end jeweler to one of the oldest and richest families in New Orleans. The son, Gabriel, is running for Mayor AND purchasing an engagement ring for his soon to be fiancee. The scene starts with you having a jeweler's glass to your eye and a ring in your hand, inspecting it. Gabriel's sister, Charlotte, walks in and speaks to you. She asks you "What do we owe this pleasure"? You would look up from your jeweler's glass. Gabriel would then ask you "Could I have a moment with my sister"? And then you would leave the room and Charlotte takes the ring.

RUSSIAN SPEAKEASY: The Russian Speakeasy is the hidden underbelly where secret Magic groups in New Orleans can practice safely. These "magicians" are normal looking people of every culture, gender and ethnicity. This scene will be introducing the TV audience to the speakeasy and that even if these small magic groups are hidden, they are certainly still alive. Please read about your character below to become familiar of the type of movements you need to do in order to make the "magic" look real. 

     Norse Seidr: You are a Barfly looking character who is using Norse Seidr (magic) to blow on your beer and freeze it.

     French Prostitute: You are a sultry and high end looking French prostitute who is using magic to push seductive "smoke rings" from her perfume bottle around a customer. The smoke coils around him, pulling him in closer.

     Indian Maji: You are playing a therapist to someone on a couch. You are literally "pulling" bad memories out of your "client's" head. These bad images appear and then disperse in the wind.

NEXT STEPS: If chosen, you are scheduled to work on Wednesday, March 14th. Please keep that day completely free.


Stand-ins: Please report to Crew Parking #1

542 Tchoupitoulas Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          New Orleans, LA  70130

It is a 4 minute shuttle ride to set so please make sure you arrive early so you can be checked in on time!

Once parked, please find a PA to check in.