2008 parents, kids and teachers - see attached photos - solid, basics (jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets) no trendy-wear as this is ten years ago.




Doctors and Nurses

Nondescript sneakers, t-shirt in grey, white or blue (will be wearing scrubs and gown provided by production)

AASU (African American Student Union)

  • Reserved, Jack & Jill, conservative, modest, sweet, classic, socialites, statement sleeves



C.O.R.E (Coalition of Racial Equality)

  • Preppy, well dressed, groomed, classic east coast, accessorized, sophisticated, swaggy, tailored, tweeds, suspenders, snap brim hats, bow ties, wingtips, layered (vest/jacket)

Davis Students / White Students (except "White C.O.R.E")

Legacy, Preppy, Classic

A-P students

Winchester students

  • BRING -Fall/Winter East Coast, coats, gloves, hats, scarves, boot

Monk Party Goers

  • Nice club, clean, sophisticated.

Twink Prepsters

  • Peg leg pants, tight t-shirts, pants, suspenders, bright primary colors, preppy with bold colors.

Radio Studio Party Goer

  • Casual, funky, house-party, jeans, fun boots and sneakers.


  • Upper crust, preppy, sophisticated, rich, classic, traditional, stylish, vogue

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