We're shooting some scenes that are set in L.A. and some in the Florida Keys. Please check the individual guidelines below for your character. 

We would like to stay away from white or neon colored clothing.  And no big logos or band names please.

Please remember to bring something to keep you warm off-camera. It may be colder than we're making it look.

Bar Patrons - Florida Keys

Wardrobe notes:

Very casual, or work casual. Maybe you're stopping in on the way home from work, maybe you've been out on the boat all day and you fancy a beer, or maybe you're meeting friends for an evening out. For most of you, our color palette is soft and muted - khaki, cream, tan, pastel colors (salmon, coral, pink, teal, aqua, pale yellow, green, blue). 

Men: Cargo shorts, khakis, chinos, jeans. Short sleeve t-shirts, tanks or button front shirts in our colors. Baseball caps, bandannas or visors in our color palette are good. Shoe-wise, we like Birkenstocks, Tevas, Crocs, topsiders, Keene or Merrell-type shoes.

Women: Blouses, strappy dresses, t-shirts, tank tops. Tie dye is OK. Bikini-tops worn instead of a bra. Jeans, skirts, cut-offs. Shoes: sandals, wedges, flip flops, Birkenstocks, Crocs. Jewelry: simple silver or gold pieces, shells, leather, crystals. Bandannas in our colors.

Marker 88 Bartenders - Florida

Wardrobe notes:

Please bring jeans and a black t-shirt. Sneakers, boots or shoes.

Tiki Bar Staff - Florida

Wardrobe notes:

Men: jeans, boots or sneakers

Women: cute skirt or cutoff denim shorts, sandals, wedges

We'll provide a t-shirt.

Cops - Florida

Wardrobe notes:

We have uniforms for you, but please bring, if you have, a plain white crew neck t-shirt and black socks.

Diaz House Wake Attendees - Florida

Wardrobe notes:

This is a Cuban catholic gathering. You don't have to wear black - dark tones like navy or charcoal grey are fine.

Men: Subdued color dress shirts and pants. Ties in the same hues. Belts and shoes.

Women: A conservative look - no mini skirts or low necklines. Dresses and blouses, plain or with a subtle print. Pants or skirts. Shoes and jewelry. 

Boys: Shirts and pants in subdued colors. 

Girls: Dresses or 2-piece outfits in subdued colors.

Birthday Party Guests - L.A.

Wardrobe notes:

This scene takes place in Silverlake or Echo Park. We're looking for interesting pieces of clothing, either vintage or contemporary, that have some personality. Modern edgy shapes, dark jeans, dresses, shorts, t-shirts, boho and hipster elements. 

Eclectic jewelry and accessories too.

Cyclists and Hikers - L.A.

Wardrobe notes:

Shorts, pants or yoga pants, sneakers, t-shirts or workout tops. An over layer would be great - a long sleeved shirt or hoodie.

Cyclists, bring a cycling specific option if you have it. Preferably with minimal logos.

L.A. Passerby and Tattoo Shop Customer - L.A.

Wardrobe notes:

Regular casual daytime clothing. Layers, lightweight jackets, shirts or t-shirts. Pants or skirts. Shoes, boots or sneakers.