Patio Party

Thirsty B's: We have options (due to water). They should bring a good t-shirt bra and heels in gold, black or silver. Also, bring accessories.

Other Women: Look at "Real Housewives" for references. Also, bring accessories. 

Male Partiers: Upscale blazers, shirts, ties, slacks and dark blue jeans.

Waiter: Should bring a white shirt and black pants, belt and shoes.

Children at School Cafeteria

Children: We have uniforms for the kids. They should bring socks (White for girls and navy or black for boys) and shoes (gym shoes, loafers, mary janes).

Teachers at School Cafeteria

Women: Should bring skirts, blazers, dresses, chinos, blouses and soft soled shoes. 

Men: Should bring khakis, jeans, slacks, dress shirts, ties, sport coats & soft soled shoes.

Waitstaff/Busperson at Restaurant

Will be in pink shirts and white pants. We have the following sizes:

Shirts: 1 (S), 2 (M), 4 (L), 1 (XL)

Pants: 1 (30x30, 1 (32x30), 1 (34x32), 1 (36X30), 1 (36x32)

Hostess: Should bring a light pastel colored dress that's upscale looking.

Patrons at Restaurant

Women: Upscale attire. Dresses, skirts, shorts, slacks, dark jeans, blouses, blazers and jewelry.

Men: Upscale attire. Sportcoats, shirts, slacks, dark blue jeans and shoes.