Ruby Waitress/Waitress/Ruby Cocktail Waitresses/Ruby Patio Bartender/Bartender/Outside Bartender

Please bring white shorts and brown belt, if you have them. Bring boat shoes (like Topsiders) and/or all white sneakers (like Keds or Vans). Women please wear a nude bra and thong.

Day Drinkers/Locals

Summer in the Hamptons, beachtown summer. Locals are casual, cool, kinda surfer. tanks, tees, shorts, board shorts, sundresses, skirts, lightweight hoodies, jeans, flip flops, sandals, non-athletic sneakers. Bring options! Women wear a nude bra and thong.

Ruby Patrons/High End Patrons

Summer in the Hamptons, upscale, super chic casual. All american, preppy vibe, ever so slightly nautical (stripes). Lots of soft or pastel colours, blues, whites.  

Everyone please bring more than one option!

Men: polos, tees, henleys, button down shirts (short & long sleeve), lightweight sweaters, blazers, linen pants, linen suits, light colour suits, jeans, khakis, chinos, shorts, boat shoes, casual shoes, non-athletic sneakers (keds/vans/converse), belts.

Women: dresses, breezy oversize florals, heels (sandals/wedges), blouses, tanks, off the shoulder, wrap style, tie front, linen pants, palazzo pants, stylish flats/sandals, shorts, skirts, nice jeans, blazers, high end rompers/2 PC outfits, purses. Women wear a nude bra and thong.

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